Saturday, August 04, 2007

RUSH: Here is Oleg in Brooklyn. Oleg, I'm glad you waited. I really appreciate your patience. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Hello. Mega dittos from the motherland, Rush. Motherland, where taxes were high and that's why national disasters never happened. The government withheld 95% of the people's income and that's why in the USSR bridges never fell, levees never broke, and Chernobyl reactors never exploded, if you know what I'm saying.

RUSH: Well, I do, that's very funny, thanks for the call.

CALLER: You're welcome. I now live in America, but I keep the memory of the old country alive on my satirical website which you mentioned on Monday when you referenced what you said was "a great editorial cartoon."

RUSH: It was. This is the one with the Founding Fathers discussing creating a nation --


RUSH: -- of murderers, thugs, tyrants, spreading disease, destroying the planet and all that, and then stealing all the world's oil?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: That was such a great cartoon, Oleg.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: The satire in that, you know, the great thing about comedy which you captured in that cartoon is that good comedy has to have an element of truth in it, and the element of truth in your cartoon is that there are gobs and loads of Americans who believe that that's what the purpose of this country is, and that we had some corrupt founders that actually set it up. They are actually Americans that believe it, and that's why it was funny.

CALLER: Right. Well, a lot of it on my website is funny. You said that you didn't know who did the cartoon, so I decided to fix that historical mistake because you are the all knowing Maha Rushie.

RUSH: Well, the problem is that somebody sent it to me with just the picture of the cartoon. I have tried to tell people, if you're going to send me something you think I might like, send me the link, so, A, I can say verify it, and, B, put on my website and cite the source. It is something I am constantly having to pound over the heads of my staff. It happens every day. They forget to send links and yours unfortunately was one of those where the link was not sent.

CALLER: That is okay.

RUSH: But we found it for the website.

CALLER: Did you find it?

RUSH: I think we did, I think Koko was looking desperately for it. I was unable to provide any help because the person that sent it to me didn't send the link.

CALLER: Can I say the name of it?

RUSH: Sure. What is the name of your website?

CALLER: It is A lot of people already know about it, but I thought the mention would not hurt. It's a parody site working under the slogan: "Curing weak liberalism with strong communism," it's sort of like a Stalinist version of The Onion.
RUSH: (Laughing.) A Stalinist version of The Onion. (Laughing.) Curing weak liberalism…

CALLER: That cartoon is a sample.

RUSH: Okay, so it's

RUSH: All right, in about 30 seconds, Oleg, your site will be shut down. This audience is making such a mad dash to get to it right now if your server farm is not capable of the load that it's going to get, as a result of your site being broadcast on this program, then it will actually look like a denial of service attack, it really isn't. We shut down websites constantly when they get mentioned on this program. It's not the KGB coming after you, it's not Putin.

CALLER: (Laughing.) Right. We are the party ourselves. On the website, we have our own party, we have our own politburo members, and we have discussions, you know, planning and plotting.

RUSH: This sounds cool. I love satire. I love parody.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: Especially with people who don't get it. That's the most fun is when they don't get it and they really get upset, really get irritated, really get riled, that's what it's fun, because they eventually will figure it out.

CALLER: Oh, I have a lot of enemies already because of that.

RUSH: You know, learn to take as a measure of success the criticism of your enemies. That is a fundamental thing that people like you in controversial businesses have to learn how to do. Take as a measure of success the hatred, the actual despising of you that they have. Okay, I think I've shaken Oleg up here a little bit. It won't be that bad. It won't be that bad. We've gotta take a brief time-out. Oleg, thanks for the call, is his website, if you can still access it.


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